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Chemtrail Compilation - v1.1

21stCenturyPolitix asked: An intro to chemtrails and a compelling time lapse shot.Chemtrail Videos[...]
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Nothing To See Here Folks CHEMTRAILS

jamesbirkett asked: CHEMTRAILS 2009 ... CHEMTRAILS 2009Chemtrail Videos[...]
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Expose Chemtrails 2009

academianon asked: Let's all work together to expose chemtrails in 2009. I think it's a great initia[...]
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Police Interview Brittany Smith & Jeff Easley For 1st Time

Investigators working an abduction case said they had interviewed a 12-year-old girl from Roanoke, V[...]
House unexpectedly votes to stop warrantless NSA searches

House unexpectedly votes to stop warrantless NSA searches

In what’s being billed as a momentum boost for anti-surveillance advocates, the US House of Represen[...]

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